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What we offer

Teeth Whitening

The Schexy Gem teeth whitening service is safe and effective.

Tooth Gems Placement

Tooth gem placements are done exactly like braces.

Gem Replacement

Tooth Jewels must be placed on a real and flat tooth.

Teeth Gem Pre/Post Treatment Care

How Long Does It Last?

Teeth gems can last 3-9 months with proper care! Make sure to brush your teeth as normal and try
to be conscious not to eat any excessively hard foods, or at least not bite on the side you have the gems on.

How do I remove the gems?

We do recommend making an appointment with your Dentist to properly remove the gem. If you
need to remove the at home, they can be removed with any traditional tweezers or dental floss. Simply pry
up on any side of the gem to remove. Floss can work with a little more pressure moving it back and forth
to “cut” the glue.

Pre/Post Care

Make sure you arrive to the appointment with clean/brushed teeth. You should wait 12-24 hours after tooth
gem application to avoid sensitivity or premature loss of the gem. Brushing your teeth too soon after a
treatment will be abrasive on the teeth and gums.
If sensitivity occurs, it will diminish within 24 hours.

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We only use 100% lead- free Swarovski crystals. Our tooth gem application is temporary, painless and does not harm your teeth. Diamonds are available upon request.

About Me

Ashley Schexnayder

Hi I’m Ashley founder of Schexy Gems I have a background in dentistry over 10 years. I’m great at what I do not just because of experience but it’s my passion. The goal is to keep a smile on my clients face and I plan to do that one tooth at a time.

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